10+ Best Gifts for Stargazers & Space Fans

Looking for a perfect gift to give to a stargazer in your life? You’re in the right place. In this guide, we’re sharing the best ideas of gifts for stargazers that can match any taste, age and budget.

There are loads of inspirational gift ideas that will quench space enthusiasts' thirst for knowledge and exploration. Space-related gifts cater to the receiver’s unique interests, enabling them to enjoy the incredible beauty of the universe from home.


A telescope looks like an obvious choice of gift for someone who’s into astronomy. We’re sure that your space fan will be on cloud nine about receiving their first telescope. There’s a wide choice of small but quite robust telescopes that can make a perfect gift for an amaeur astronomer.


As an alternative to a telescope, consider getting a pair of astronomy binoculars. They are smaller and more portable than telescopes while still offering good viewing power. What is more, a range of binoculars come at quite affordable prices.

Celestial Globe

Your space fan will adore a freestanding celestial globe. A spinning sphere shows the apparent positions of the stars as seen from the earth. Celestial globes are exquisitely detailed and include all 88 modern constellations. It goes without saying that multiple apps and websites allow you to study the night sky in detail, however, a globe can give you a totally different experience. Your stargazer will definitely appreciate such a gift.

Celestial Globe

Personalized Star Map

One of the most desirable stargazing gifts, a personalized star map features the alignment of stars on the specific date at the specific location. It’s a truly thoughtful and memorable gift which you can give on a birthday, a graduation or wedding day. A star map is one of the best romantic gifts to give to your significant other: you can save the date you met or kissed for the first time. Don’t forget to add some meaningful text to the map.

3D Planets Puzzle

An amateur astronomer will love making a 3D model of the solar system. It’s an interesting and relaxing pastime, and once you’ve completed the puzzle, you get a mini solar system ready to hang from the ceiling.

Desktop Planetarium

Your space lover will be happy to receive a desktop planetarium that will allow them to easily visualise the movement of the Sun, Moon, planets, and fixed stars above and below the horizon. A real treasure for an astronomy fan.

Name a Star Gift

Without any doubt, naming a star is one of the most gripping gifts for stargazers. Just imagine how happy your space fan will be to receive such a memorable and long-lasting gift. The lucky receiver gets a frame certificate and a star chart with instructions on how to locate their star. And you will be definitely surprised by its price — naming a star is quite affordable today.

name a star certificate

Astronomy Gift Books

There are amazing astronomy books for all ages. Kids will love having their own book to help them learn about the stars and constellations, and there are some more serious options for teens and adults.

Moon Globe

A Moon globe is another gift that will make any picky skygazer happy. Moon globes showcase the Moon's most notable features and lunar mission landing sites. Just as the Moon is one of the most spectacular objects in the night sky, the Moon globe is an unusual gift.

Planetarium Projector

With a planetarium projector, you’ll give an opportunity to bring the starry night sky into your friend’s home whenever they wish. Without any doubt, it’s a quite memorable gift. Options vary from a canopy of twinkling stars to more precise images of the planets, nebulae and other celestial objects.

Space Rocks

Another one of our great gift ideas is literally not from this world. We bet your space fan wouldn't even expect to receive an actual space rock. It’s pretty awesome to hold a 4.6 billion year old rock that came from space, isn’t it?

Space Rocks

Space Related Stationery

Space-related stationery is another great gift idea, especially if your space enthusiast is a student. Why not treat your space fan to high quality journals, notebooks, year planners, postcards, sticky notes, printed pens and pencils, or stickers?

Clothes and Accessories

Giving someone an item of clothing with a print is a cool personal gift that is guaranteed to be appreciated by the recipient. For your space lover, get a T-shirt, pyjamas, a hoodie or a pair of socks featuring the solar system, a constellation, a nebula, a galaxy, an astronomer, a telescope or a spacecraft.

As an option, you can treat your space fan to a tote bag or an umbrella decorated with a chart of the night sky, a mysterious nebula, lunar phases, or their zodiac constellation. Moreover, a space fan will love a space-themed bag, a phone or laptop case. A perfect thing to help them display their love for astronomy every day.

Astronomy-Related Coloring Book

Adult coloring books are known as a great relaxation tool. Show your space lover that you care by giving them a cool coloring book featuring galaxies and planets.

Space-Themed Jewellery

Space-themed jewellery is one of the best gifts for stargazers to say without words how much you care about the receiver. You can choose from the vast range of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. These cute little things usually feature planets, the moon, shooting stars, astronauts or rockets.

Space-themed jewellery

Astronomy Magazine Subscription

If your stargazer is quite into astronomy, an astronomy magazine subscription can be a perfect gift. You can choose from a variety of magazines, both online and printed versions. Today’s magazines are really interesting and contain high quality images taken by the cutting-edge telescopes. A genuine treasure for a dedicated stargazer.

Space Atlas

The next item we recommend giving to a stargazer is a space atlas. Modern space atlases enable astronomy lovers to explore constellations, planets, the Milky Way and other galaxies providing detailed maps and fascinating images.

Home Decor Gifts for Stargazers

People adore surrounding themselves with things related to their passion. That’s why it is a great idea to treat your stargazer to some cute things that can make their home a more beautiful place. Here are some gift ideas for home to fascinate your space lover:

  • planet candles;
  • moon lamp;
  • glowing stickers to put on the bedroom ceiling;
  • space-themed bed set;
  • ice ball moon mold;
  • galaxy crystal ball;
  • moon and stars baking molds;
  • galaxy wall clock;
  • space-themed drink coasters;
  • space-themed shower curtains;
  • space-themed throw pillows;
  • astronomy-themed doormat;
  • space-themed mug;
  • astronomy-themed wall art.

Stargazing Gift Box

If your star fan is much into actual star gazing, it would be great to get a box or a basket and fill it with small gifts. Choose stargazing gifts that can make watching stars more enjoyable and comfy. For instance, pick a cozy throw blanket, a red LED flashlight, a star chart, and a travel mug to make the rooftop or backcountry stargazing even more delightful.

To Wrap It Up

All in all, there are a lot of ideas of what to give to a space lover, astronomer, stargazer and space enthusiast in your life, for any price and taste. Space gifts are a great way to share the passion, beauty and joy of space exploration with your friends and family. We hope you find our gift guide helpful.