Unique and Memorable Wedding Gift Ideas

Wedding is a celebration of love. It’s the brightest and most memorable event in the life of the loving couple, a beautiful birth of a new family. Family and friends always want to give gifts that will be useful to the newlyweds, like electronics or home textile. However, it’s also a great idea to give something really fascinating, which will be sure to bring a storm of emotions and leave warm memories. In this guide, we’re sharing our unusual wedding gift ideas. Let’s jump right in.

Best Personalized Wedding Gifts

Looking for a personalized gift for the couple? Nice choice, as your gift will be truly unique. However, with the widest ever choice of customizable items, it might be confusing to pick the one that is appropriate to be given on a wedding day. Here are some customizable wedding gift ideas to consider.

Matching Clothes

Matching T-shirts, sweatshirts or hoodies make useful and personalized gifts. You can get ones with the bride and groom’s names or just saying ‘Mrs’. and ‘Mr’. Go for colors and designs they usually wear, and you’ll give one of the most adorable and cozy gifts.

Naming a Star

If you want to give a mindblowing gift that will stand the test of time, naming a star is the best idea. Name a star after the happy couple and give them the gift of having their love written in the stars. It’s the most unconventional, personal, and memorable gift that will leave a lasting impression. If you’re lucky enough, you can even get a double star — two stars that are close together in the night sky and appear to be a single one. The gift set includes official registration in the star database, a personalized star certificate, a digital copy of the certificate, and a map to help locate the star in the sky.

star certificate

Custom Watercolor Wedding Portrait

If your newlyweds love art, they will appreciate receiving a custom portrait of themselves. You can choose from a variety of themes to match the couple’s style and preferences: from king and queen to Batman and Catwoman.

Our Special Day Wood Plaque

A personalized wood plaque is a cute little thing that will remind the happy couple of their wedding. It can be placed on a bedside table or any shelf. You can personalize it with the date of the couple’s wedding, their names and some text.

Romantic Gift Ideas for Wedding

Star Map

A beautiful night sky star chart showing what the sky looked like on their special day is a truly personal and thoughtful gift for the bride and groom. Star maps are customizable — you can personalize the map with the couple's names, wedding date, location, and your special message.


You can make a video about the couple, their childhood years, and how they met using their photos or videos. Download photos and videos available on their social media pages, or ask their close friends and parents to help. Add meaningful captions, and voilà — a touching and memorable gift is ready to melt the bride's and groom’s hearts. As an option, you can make a cartoon about the newlyweds.

Romantic Photoshoot Gift Card

Photoshoot gift vouchers are excellent wedding gifts for couples that will last a lifetime.

With such a gift, you give unforgettable moments and sweet memories to the newly married couple.

Hot Air Balloon Ride Gift Card

Without any doubt, the newlyweds will remember this unique wedding gift forever. A hot air balloon ride offers unbeatable views and strong emotions. Another perfect moment to tell each other about their feelings, isn’t it?

Breakfast Tray

You know how cool it is to pamper yourself with an in-bed breakfast on your day off. The newly married couple in your life will appreciate getting a breakfast tray to share their happy mornings.

Date Box

Love needs to be fueled by romance, and we are convinced that couples should keep on dating even after the wedding. As a reminder, you can give the newlyweds a gift box filled with the date-related stuff: a bottle of wine or champagne, beautiful wine glasses or champagne flutes, a wine stopper and scented candles.

wedding gift ideas

Wedding Gift Ideas for Travelers

Globe-trotters make up a separate group of people. If your newlyweds are all about exploring and discovering new places, you can choose a gift that is related to their shared passion. Here are some best wedding gift ideas for travelers.

Scratch-Off Map

A scratch-off map will give the couple a truly enjoyable experience and allow them to keep warm memories of the trips they went on together. They get to scratch off a new area on the map once they have visited the location. You can choose either a map of the country or a map of the world.

Family Suitcase

As a new family, the couple now will take many trips together, so they will be happy to get a huge suitcase. Moreover, your gift will be very likely to go on the honeymoon along with the newlyweds!

World Map Wall Art

Like a scratch-off map, world map wall art is a perfect gift for a couple who love to travel. Take care that the poster of your choice matches the style of their home, frame it and cover it in glass.

world map wall art

Cute Wedding Gifts

Customizable Lyric Canvas

Each couple has their favorite song, and if you’re lucky enough to know which one, you can make a cute and heartwarming gift. Without any doubt, it’s a gorgeous way to display the couple’s favorite lyrics. Such canvases are fully customizable to perfectly fit in with any home’s color scheme.

Matching Robes

If you want to give a cute gift that will be 100% used, go for bathrobes. Bathrobes can be matched with all sorts of spa accessories, including bath lotions, soaps, towels and slippers, so you can get a box or basket full of spa-related stuff. Not to mention, bathrobes, slippers and towels are customizable gifts that allow you to add a custom print or design on them.

custom Matching Robes

Customizable Photo Album

A high-quality, customizable photo album made out of wood and leather is really one of the best wedding gifts. Although people print out their photos more rarely today, the newlyweds will appreciate a photo album which will help them save the best moments of their life together.

Personalized Christmas Ornament

Even if the couple have lived together for a few years, their home starts to bear a whole new meaning after the wedding. A set of customizable Christmas ornaments will symbolize the couple’s first Christmas as a family and be a happy reminder of their wedding. There are many options of how to customize Christmas ornaments, for instance, you can give a set of two ornaments with each person's name on them and the year the couple married.

Picnic Basket Set

Picnics will always be associated with lovely family weekends. The bride and groom will love to get a basket equipped with the basics to have a wonderful picnic meal. There is a really wide choice to explore: picnic baskets come in various sizes and designs, and the set can include plates, glasses, napkins, flatware and other items. Of course, you can also select an empty basket and fill it with anything the newlyweds would enjoy for their special family picnics. By the way, you can make it personalized by adding the couple’s names on customizable napkins.

Picnic Basket Set

Fleece Throw Blanket

As the newlyweds get comfortable with their new life together, they may be looking at ways to make their house a home. A cozy fleece throw blanket is a lovely, customizable gift for any couple. You can personalize it with names or the wedding date.

Love Story Frame

This delightful decor is the perfect keepsake to celebrate and cherish every moment of the couple's love story: the beginning, the ‘yes’ day and their wedding of course.