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capture your special moment forever

Create a Custom Star Map
Create a Custom Star Map

Our Personal Star Map Designs

Pick your favorite design, add a personal note to the recipient, and even add a special QR code to surprise your beloved ones.


Looking for a perfect gift?

Our 澳洲体彩5正规官方,2024澳洲幸运5开奖官网开奖结果|澳洲5幸运开奖官网开奖 capture your happiest memories forever. You can design and print a custom map that shows the way stars looked on your special day. You can choose any place and time!

Premium LED Star Map

Let stars light up the sacred path of your life

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“Fantastic gift! What an awesome way to share your feelings”

Mackenzie Dern,
UFC and BJJ World Champion

Some of the Happy Star Map Owners

Reasons to Choose Us

The Best Star Map Designs

We genuinely believe that we’ve created the best Star Map designs. You can choose from a dozen of beautiful templates. Each of them was created by world-class artists that we constantly collaborate with.

Simple Generator

Our generator allows you to personalize your star map in 3 simple steps. Pick a place and date, add a personal message or an interactive QR code, choose your design, and your accurate star map is ready to go.

Trusted by over 10,000
Happy Customers

Since 2018, we have helped over 10,000 people to commemorate more than 10,000 happy moments in their life. Our customer service will make sure that you are 100% satisfied.

Instant delivery via email
or Express Shipping

You'll be happy to hear we send all our Star Maps via email as a printable PDF with detailed printing and framing instructions right after each purchase (check this article to see how it works). If you can wait 3-5 days, get a printed version. Here’s more information about our shipping options.

Verified by Astronomers

We use an algorithm that is verified by international astronomers and the scientific society to generate each Star Map. We assure that you won’t get any fake products.

Top Notch Quality

Amazing Quality We are proud to print our Star Maps on the highest quality fine art matte paper (250 GSM on 300 DPI). It makes our Star Maps look as crisp as possible. Check out this article to see how we print and send them over to your doorstep.

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with the help of QR Code feature

Make your Star Map even more personal by adding a unique QR Code to extend your private message. The QR Code can contain any link: one with a picture of a special moment that you’ve uploaded to Instagram, the song that was playing on that memorable night, or even a YouTube video.

See how it works here

Looking for a perfect occasion?

  • Birthday Gift

    Birthday Gift Star Maps of the special night sky when a loved one was born makes a great gift.

  • Anniversary Gift

    Surprise your better half with a reminder of the way stars looked when she said “Yes.”

  • Housewarming Gift

    Make your home cozy with a beautiful print of the night sky. Great addition that fits any interior.

  • Valentine's Day Gift

    Romantic Star Map is a great choice for St. Valentine’s Day present.

  • Christmas Gift

    Simple, elegant, beautiful Star Map will bring only good vibes to your holiday season.

  • Mother’s Day Gift

    Show your mother how much you care about her. Get her a personalized Star Map.


What is a star map?

A star map is a map of the night sky that shows the arrangement of stars in the sky on a certain date and location. A star map print can be created in a scientific or artistic style, depending on the intended use.

Are Custom Star Maps scientifically accurate?

Yes, as they are based on scientific data, which is sourced from past and present planetary missions, laboratory measurements, and astronomical observations. While creating a star map print, this data is combined with the precise algorithms, latitude, longitude to accurately recreate the view of the night sky by date and location.

What do you write on a star map?

Anything you wish! Well, here are some ideas:

  • a beautiful and meaningful quote
  • if you give it as a birthday gift and your map shows how the sky looked like when the person was born, you can write the person's name and the date and place of birth or, for instance, “Under this sky, a star was born”
  • if it’s a map to save the special occasion with your sweetheart, you may love these options: “The stars above on the night we first kissed”, “Our meeting was written in the stars”, “The night you stole my heart”, “The night I fell for you ”, “The moment when forever began”. And don’t forget to include the date and the name of the place of a memorable occasion.

168澳洲幸运5官网app下载-计划精准人工预测软件澳彩幸运五 a custom map?

Just a few simple steps:
1. Select the date and location.
2. Add a personal message or an interactive QR code.
3. Choose a design.
4. Get your personalized star map via email as a printable PDF with detailed printing and framing instructions or
5. wait for 3 to 5 days to get a printed version.

How much does a star map cost?

It depends on what you choose: a PDF or printed version, and also the size you want. The PDF version is $35. For hard prints, the price ranges between $49 and $69, depending on size.

How does a star map work?

澳洲5幸运开奖官网开奖-开奖结果查询,澳洲幸运5开奖大数据the help of astronomical data and mathematical calculations, it’s possible to accurately recreate the arrangement of thousands of stars on a certain date at a certain location.

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